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About D&D Impex

We as a scrappy entrepreneurs who come close to serve a popular niche with some innovative and futuristic products.

Our founder in an innovative entrepreneur who brought ideas of aerosol spray products first during his tenure in Dubai (UAE) & Singapore and shared with other colleagues. As a enterpreneur is an established industrialist and manufacturer.

We are the eminent manufacturers of aerosol products for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting automobiles and mechanical assemblies of static as well as moving machinery/vehicles.

We aim to handover some advanced products that can free up garage people and power users from cumbersome traditional mechanical parts cleaning, lubrication, and weather protection methods using our fast acting and highly efficient aerosol products with great convenience.

Our technological flairs and manufacturing abilities can help us to deliver high quality products at highly competitive rates in India and abroad. Our wholesale supply chains and policies may enable our dealers, affiliates, and suppliers to offer robust products with awesome supports to win the satisfaction of end-users hence their loyalty to grow the entire business network at arapid pace.

What we Provide You

We provide you best quality product for different purpose.


Anti-Rust Spray is a multi-purpose maintenance spray that loosens rusted parts, displaces moisture and prevents rust formation.


Chain Lubricant Spray penetrates and provides superior lubriction.It sticks onto chains at high rotation speeds providing long lasting lubrication.


Carburettor cleaner spray removes gum and varnish from the venturi.It will not harm catalytic converts.


Plastic & Rubber Care Spray is a silicon based lubricant providing excellent protection and lubrication for rubber and plastic parts.


Brake Cleaner Spray thoroughly cleans disc and drum brakes, adhesion and sealing surface of lining dust, oil, grease and dirt.


Silencer Coating Spray forms a high temperature resistance coating to protect steel from rust and corrosion.


Battery Terminal Protector Spray protects battery terminal from failure caused due to corrosion and sulphation.


Synthetic grease spray is an excellent long term lubricant for moving parts.

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Our Products

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